Saturday, April 21, 2012

Pancakes for dinner...

When I was a little girl, every so often my mom would serve us breakfast for dinner.  Sometimes it was eggs, grits and bacon.  Sometimes it was blintzes with ricotta cheese and blueberries.  What was on the menu didn't matter as much as the idea.  It was fun and a change from the normal routine. So tonight, when Max asked for Pancakes I was happy to oblige...

I made the pancake mix.  Pulled out the ridiculously expensive, but mediocre maple syrup I bought in Paris (maple syrup is not available in Marrakech).  Heated up the pan and started cooking the pancakes.  After just two pancakes were finished, I heard the sound.  That little hiss signifying that the gas is going out. Oh no, please not now.  Then poof! The flame was gone...

Gas stoves work a bit different here then they do in most places.  Here, portable gas tanks are hooked up to our stoves, so when the tank is empty, it must be replaced.  Replacing the tank is no quick exercise. The whole process normally takes an hour or two. First, the assistance of a guardian is enlisted. The guardian will then come to the kitchen to unhook the tank, carry it outside to his motorbike where he balances it on the top of his handlebars and goes zooming off in search of a replacement.  The hanout across the street seems to carry them, but based on the hour or so the guardian is normally gone, he must not be purchasing locally.  A knock at the door signifies the return of a full tank.  The guardian will hook it up, I pay him 40 dirhams (about 4 euros) and we are good to go for another 2 or 3 months.

The empty tank under our stove
It was already 7:00PM.  A new tank to finish the pancakes was not going to arrive until well after the boys should be in bed asleep.  Going next door to finish the pancakes didn't seem reasonable.  Dreading the disappointment, I did the best I could.  I took out two plates, put one pancake on each, sliced some nectarines, opened yogurts, poured milk, removed the cap off the maple syrup, set the table and hoped for the best as I called the boys to dinner. 

The boys cheered in joy when they saw the table and sat down.  Maple syrup was enthusiastically poured and pancakes devoured.  Now the moment I feared... they asked for more.  I explained the situation, offered seconds of nectarines and held my breath.  To my great surprise, there was no melt down, no fit, just a thank you when the second helpings came to the table.
Tonight the boys reminded me... sometimes, just a little bit is all you need. 

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Last weekend, (while much of the international sports community was discussing whether or not the Bahrain Grand Prix was going to happen) Marrakech, under the high patronage of the His Majesty, The King Mohammed VI, was busy hosting the Race of Morocco.


As soon as the track walls went up Max recognized them as race walls from Cars 2 and asked to go.  Lucky him because Daddy was given passes that allowed us access to the sights and sounds of the boys first auto race.

So much fun... we are already planning a viewing party for next year!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easter Eggs...

While exploring this new and different culture is fascinating, celebrating our own holidays and traditions is important.  So, as Easter rolled around, we made sure to set aside some time to color eggs in anticipation of our Sunday Easter Egg Hunt at our dear friends home.

So, out we went to search the local farmers markets to gather as many Beldi Eggs as possible (Beldi Eggs are so good that I believe they deserve their own post soon), dug out the food dye brought from the US, invited our buddies over and got to work.

After sipping tea, basil lemonade and juice, nibbling on lemon tart and yogurt cake, our team of 11 children and 5 mommies colored 60+ eggs.

The morning of Easter Sunday, we dressed for the occasion and headed out for a day of fun!

Luckily, the Easter Bunny found our decorated eggs and transported them to Dar Menebhi and along with chocolates from Italy, Germany and Belgium hid them for a good ole fashioned Easter Sunday Egg Hunt.

Hope your Easter was just as nice.  Happy Easter from Marrakech  xx...

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Where is Alex?

Hmmm... it seems quiet.  Where is Alex?

Moved the kitchen chair over, crawled up on the
counter and helped himself to the box of Jeff de Bruges Chocolates
I received as a hostess gift the night prior. 

Oops! Busted...

Thank goodness he didn't find where the Easter Bunny was hiding the bunnies and eggs!


Sunday, April 1, 2012

Mazagan Beach Resort, El Jadida (Spring Break part 3)...

Oualidia to El Jadida... Just 70 kilometers and we would be to our next destination, Mazagan Beach Resort.  

Mazagan Beach Resort is part of the Kerzner International (One & Only Resorts and the Atlantis Properties). It is a large resort directly on El Jadida Beach with 18 Holes of Golf, Spa, 2 Pools, Kids Clubs, Tennis, 6 Restaurants and a Casino.  We visited back in October for a quick weekend, and were looking forward to a longer stay this time.

Arriving just before sundown, we were warmly welcomed and escorted to our suite.

Lucky us! Champagne, cakes, cookies and raspberries!!!

The resort is perfect for families and had everything we needed to relax and recharge. The boys enjoyed the kids club while we adults enjoyed the spa, golf ,

and quiet time enjoying the view, 

In the afternoon together as a family we would take a quick swim in the family pool then walk to the beach to fly the kite,

wiggle our toes in the sand,

and of course slide down the sand dunes.

But all too soon our 5 nights were up and it was time to pack our bags and return to Marrakech for week 2 of our Spring Break.