Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The last day of school...

The classroom looks barren.  Gone are the animal prints they painted, gone are the life size self portrait posters, gone are the airplanes, boats, pet store, butterflies and other miscellaneous projects that kept the little hands busy and gave KG2A such color and excitement.  The only board left shows the days left until school is out.

The plain beige walls are now reminiscent of the first day.  That day back in September when we first met Ms. Lopez and Ms. Hayatte.  The day that my head and heart was filled with fear and worry.  I didn't know then how amazing these two women were.  I had no idea what they had planned.  How they would care for him, how they would push him to be the best he could be, that they would say no when needed, that each day would be a lesson in respect and responsibility, that when dancing and singing was needed it was done, that they would give him the foundation for math, reading and writing.  I simply had no idea what could be accomplished in one school year.

Ms. Lopez and Ms. Hayatte

As the school year ends our family prepares for another lesson in our expat life.  Very few people and things are permanent. Our friends, teachers and loved ones will come and go. While some of us are packing for summer holiday, some of our friends and teachers are packing to go home for good. Some are getting married, some are starting new projects and some are on to their next adventure.  Many students and teachers at international schools are like us, here for a moment in time. We are learning that good-byes do not need to be sad. We are learning... it is just part of the cycle in our expat life.

Thank you, merci beaucoup, vielen dank, shukran and maraming salamat for a wonderful year.


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  2. Its quite a challenge being expats really when its about the whole family moving up and about.

  3. Lovely you resemble like Daughter and Mother.

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