Sunday, June 3, 2012

A birthday wish...

Many wishes I have made in 38 years...

Wishes for my prince charming while blowing dandelion weeds.

Wishes for travel to far away lands on shooting stars.

Wishes for healthy children while tossing pennies into fountains.

Last weekend I was surrounded by my loving husband, my sweet boys and the friends, boys and dogs that took a weekend and traveled to the coast of Morocco to celebrate. We laughed, gorged on lobster, crab and fish, played in the sand, toasted with champagne, watched a kite soar in the sky, admired the magnificent gardens of the hotel and even saw wild flamingos. When the time came for me to blow out the candles, I knew there was only one wish left to make...

More days just like these.

A beautiful weekend with beautiful friends!
Crab, crab and crab!
Lobster grilled on a rock
The boys playing in the sand

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