Sunday, March 25, 2012

Oualidia Plage (spring break part 1)...

L' Hippocampe in Oualidia had been recommended as a great beach getaway many times. It seemed to be the perfect place to start our Spring Break.  So... we made reservations, packed the car and followed our friends to the coast.

It was an easy two and a half hour drive from our home in Marrakech.

 Buildings of white wash with blue trim are a welcome clue that you are close to the coast.

 The hotel is cheap and cheerful with an amazing location,

 delicious fresh seafood,

 colorful gardens and a welcoming staff.

The pièce de résistance of L' Hippocampe is the access to what seemed to be our own private island just across the lagoon by way of a five minute boat ride.

L' Hippocampe boat returning to the island to pick us up

We spent three days there and only saw two other people the entire time. We chased seagulls, ran in the waves, flew the kite, built tunnels to China and gathered special treasures.

I would love to return for my birthday weekend next month. Maybe someone else will like the idea and make the reservation...

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