Sunday, March 11, 2012

We met in Houston... together we played tennis, learned to salsa and oh yeah, worked. They left for Paris and three years later we left for Marrakech. Since then, the guys have had dinner in Moscow, lunch in Paris and a meeting in Lisbon. We girls met for dinner one night in Paris.  Last night, all four together, we had drinks at our home in Marrakech and dinner in the Medina.

Maria and Francisco requested adventure for the night so we decided on dinner in the Medina.  A cab took us from our home to the Medina.  A man with a lantern met us at the cab and escorted us through a winding brick street.  We passed by a man sewing leather to make sandals and bags, another man hand painting delicate floral designs on a large door, smoky grills topped with meat and children playing soccer.  When we arrived to a large lit wood plank door we were welcomed in...

We sat beneath the open roof amid candle light. Dinner was a selection of Moroccan salads (lentils, spiced pureed carrots, cauliflower with cumin, eggplant caviar, broiled green peppers with tomatoes), briouates filled kefta and goat cheese, tasty tajines (mine was lamb and quince, yum!), red wine and how else would we finish a Moroccan meal? Mint tea of course!

At midnight we toasted Happy Birthday to Maria and to their 12th Wedding Anniversary.  How wonderful to be able to celebrate with them both here in Marrakech!

When and where will we will see you next?  Hope it is somewhere fabulous soon! xx

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  1. Ha, ha, true, when you look at it that way...

    It was great to see you! and what a palace... very envious, I can send you some of my texan furniture for which I have no space ;) I'm low on light fixtures though, cannot help you there...
    Candles will do????.... ;)

    Thank you for the wonderful and VERY tasty dinner, the problem with the flight on the way back couldn't take away all the great moments we spent there.

    It was short but well lived and left us wanting more... So, we'll see you soon... Inch'allah!